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Missing Summer

  Hello guyyss This is the first time ever when I write anything in english on my blog 🙏🏻 But some of you have been interested on my blogger posts and told me about it on instagram dm! Thank you for being interested on my dolly things 🤍 It's always motivating and cheers me up! I love to share my hobby with you so I want all can understant even a little what's going on on my side  I hope you like this I wanted to keep this post light and colorful 🩵 so no winter photos this time );  Enjoyyy Paranoia and Misha has always been my ultimate FAVORITE couple 🩷 They never let me down Expect now Koivukehrääjä and Ivar (my fiance's doll) have been very lovely duo together ಥ⁠_⁠ಥ  Maybe they are my winter couple and Misha & Paranoia are more like summerpeeps (bc i tried once took cute couple photo of them walking on snow and i almost cried and throw them away. No more cold seasons fpr them **or me**) Either way i love them all aaaa We had so many fun summertrips w/ Eemi last su

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