Missing Summer


Hello guyyss
This is the first time ever when I write anything in english on my blog 🙏🏻 But some of you have been interested on my blogger posts and told me about it on instagram dm!

Thank you for being interested on my dolly things 🤍 It's always motivating and cheers me up! I love to share my hobby with you so I want all can understant even a little what's going on on my side 

I hope you like this

I wanted to keep this post light and colorful 🩵 so no winter photos this time ); 


Paranoia and Misha has always been my ultimate FAVORITE couple 🩷 They never let me down

Expect now Koivukehrääjä and Ivar (my fiance's doll) have been very lovely duo together ಥ⁠_⁠ಥ 

Maybe they are my winter couple and Misha & Paranoia are more like summerpeeps (bc i tried once took cute couple photo of them walking on snow and i almost cried and throw them away. No more cold seasons fpr them **or me**)

Either way i love them all aaaa

We had so many fun summertrips w/ Eemi last summer 💕 I'm just so lazy to making blog posts so I am fuckin' many months late with this one as well

Forgive me 

I miss summer so much 。⁠:゚⁠(⁠;⁠´⁠∩⁠`⁠;⁠)゚⁠:⁠。

(Fun fact actually,, i just saw a dream where I came to visit on my mom's place and there was summer already ;_; 


I don't usually take too green photos because somehow I don't like how it looks on my photos.. 

I love other ppls green summer photos but mine are just so ugly 
Luckily Tabi is pretty still 

I'm not even sure if I never edited those photos.. looks like bit dark to me

Tabi with white wig!
There is no any wig or color which doesn't suit her



I foookin love this pink dress which Eemi made for me 🩷 Paranoia has so big tits any dress do not fit her at all 🥲 so I asked If he could do something for herr

( L-obitsu is cursed opportunity )

I am spoiled and I have most amazing boyfriend so he made me the dress! 

I literally said on my instagram last summer "If Paranoia would be a flower, this is the one" 

The dress is literally same ===
Fight me 

Differently edited!

In case you have missed it,, i love bluepurplepink colors together ::::DD 

This sounds so stupid but only yesterday I noticed those are bi sexual flag colors ::DD Aaah I'm so dumb

Oh well,, love for them ((i gasped, there is no bi flag on emojis ):<

Couple photos of my BJD girlie too 

Lahja has been so inspiring and pretty with her new pink wig,, even though it wasn't supposed to be for her ); 

And I am pretty proud of my self making this wig by myself! At least it fit 

I love her

Odd thing about the outfit,, it was made for lillycat ellana dolls,, but it suits better my 53cm bimong...

Their body types have nothing same 

Like he always do .⁠·⁠´⁠¯⁠`⁠(⁠>⁠▂⁠<⁠)⁠´⁠¯⁠`⁠·⁠. And I love to photograph with flowers so this happen 

Calippo needs own pink wig )-: 
Pink is definitely one of my raising favs 

I spend my whole life editing this photo 🥲 it was so hard bc I never edit anything like that

But I'm happy how it turned out and FINALLY I can show you the pictures with this dress officially 

It has been mine for ages but I'm never satisfied the pictures lol 
Even thought the dress is cool

This doll is not minee
It belongs to my fiance

I decided to take pictures on Ely with flowers too becayse I though none of my dolls except Paranoia & Calippo would fit in

I almost never photograph Eemi's dolls
I'm not even sure why

So enjoy this rare moment :'D 

And then...

Okay okay
I said from the beginning there no will be any winter photos,, but I CHANGE MY MIND

There is pictures of my newest babyy
She is @nenndolls Bloem custom 🌿 I'm a big fan of their work and now I already have three of their beautiful customs <33

One commission and two of them bought from previous owners 
I will keep good care of them all (⁠ ⁠ꈨຶ⁠ ⁠˙̫̮⁠ ⁠ꈨຶ⁠ ⁠)

I love this dress on her,, it feels like it's almost made for her

She wasn't supposed to be mine doll actually,, Eemi bought it for himself
But they didn't bond that good so I was ready to raise my hands and take it (surprise)

Not that sure tho if she is that much winter doll,, her makeup is so colorful and full on spring and summer. So I can't actually wait I can test her possibilities with flowers and GREEN backgrounds 

I keep my fingers grossed and wish she will be a deal braker with greenly photos lol

Ooh and also
She has a name!! thankly)

I decided to call her Pinocchio 🌿 (but it has to been written more like pin0cchi0) beCAUSE she is a playcharacter made by my OC (:< and name is her username 

She is my first member of my collection on year 2024
Welcome home peep


I tried to photograph her indoor and she definitely loves green backgrounds ಥ⁠_⁠ಥ
And Eemi also made her a wig!! 

It's perfect, period

This year is a bit busy with dolls becaaause
Pin0cchi0 is not only doll who is coming this house early this year..

But I tell you more about that later

It's anyways always so exhausting that everything I wanted and want always shows up at the same time hhhh

I already have another doll I haven't show you yet 
She arrived yesterday 1.2 
I'm bit stressed to show her for you so I take my time and you will see her later 🩵

Is this colorthing becoming some kind of obsession :'D I am stuck with them
I love it whatever

**Sorry if this post feels too long****
*And my english and typos also**

Rieka has been winterbreak,, She doesn't fit my winter style that well so I am waiting for spring with her <: 

Not sure tho if there was many photos I have shown earlier
(I'm a bit mess so my posts are always chaos sorry lol and this one might be even worse because I am not that good to write or speak english :'D 

I hope you still like the pictures 💜
Have a nice weekend ^=^ 


  1. Aivan ihania nää kuvat täällä, jäin ihastelee niitä pitkiks ajoiks c:🖤
    Paranoia ja Misha kuvat tekee mut jokakerta tosi onnellisiks, etenkin kun säkin tykkäät ite niistä kuvista niin paljon ;^;🖤

    Musta oli virkistävää lukea sulta postausta myös englanniks, ja hyvinhän sä sen kanssa pärjäät!


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